A Martyr's Oath

What is A Martyr’s Oath: “My oath is with Christ and although I am not physically a martyr, having died for the name of my Lord, I am a daily martyr by choosing to live for Jesus Christ rather than the world. Die daily. Stand on Christ. a martyr’s oath”.. A Martyr's Oath with Raven Faith Records have released a 3 song EP, Ignorance Is Woe. This project is a free download on BandCamp. The three songs on this EP are sermon jams comprised of original music by A Martyr’s Oath and excerpts from Dr. Kent Hovind’s first seminar on creation (Used by permission).. This is a special release from Raven Faith Records and A Martyr's Oath, you might see more music from the group down the road on Raven Faith Records..


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