From the beginning way back in 2012. Peter Field had a focus, a destiny that to this day has been growing at an alarming rate. With his passion for Punk Rock back in his teens especially when Green Day hit the mainstream market, Peter was with the band Senseless before he became a Christian in 2005. Since, then Peter has been very active getting his passion and music in order with his association with InPresence Records, United Kingdom which is now only with an artistic and social media basis side of the band, Peter118 are in their strongest position yet. The band featuring his wife Janine Szczepanski (Bass Guitar), Alisha Palmer (Guitar/Background Vocals) and Sam Critchley (Drums). Featuring in the Sunset Strip mega celebrity Rodney Bingenheimer's Christmas album last year on vinyl who is best known for his friendships with late Elvis Presley, David Bowie and many people in the entertainment business Rodney had grown a great fondness for the Stoke-On-Trent band.


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