About Us

Located in the Midwest, we are an independent hybrid record label that helps bands realize their dreams. More than a label, we are a family. We offer distribution, media, promotion, merch, management, and mentoring - while keeping you in control of and focused on your music.

Services we offer:

1. Distribution. As a label our main focus is your music and making sure that people are hearing and enjoying your hard work whether through physical copies of your music, digital, or radio. The label would also feature your music and merch in their web store.

2. Promotion: As a label we want to work with the artist in order to promote in the best way possible (Interviews, videos, reviews, merch, and so on.)

3. Management: As a label we want our artist to be the best they can be, so we want to represent them in that way. As managers we invest time in getting to know our artists and helping each artist meet their unique needs. But importantly we do not take over, we keep you in control.

4. Mentoring. As a label we want you to grow and focus on what is important.

As a record label, we want to help those that want to take the next step in their music career. Our dream is to change the world, by making good music/art that sets the standard for the rest.
Is your band looking for a label? Send us a message with links to your music.