As We Are

As We Are is a hard rock/post hardcore 3-piece band from Southern Illinois. Forming in 2012, the band has released 3 EPs, and are currently working on their 4th record. In 2012, founder Dale Vaughn, released their debut EP. In 2015, they released their second EP entitled, “The Change.” In the summer of 2017, their third EP was released on Raven Faith Records.. Throughout the years, the bands sound has been evolving and shifting all around. Starting from the more pop punk wave, to the edgier punk wave, the band is now transitioning into a heavier, “hardcore” sound with their upcoming release. As We Are is known for their consistent tour schedule and their love for the fans, or as they call them, family. They’ve also been recently catching attention with their interaction with the homeless. They use their bus as a mobile food/goods pantry. The band loves to give out canned goods, sleeping bags, blankets, etc., to anyone they see on the side of the road holding signs, or anyone that may need help. If you would like to take part in their giving, they highly encourage bringing any canned goods out to their shows. Be sure to follow and listen to their music on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms. Follow them on social media and keep your eyes open for their newest EP releasing later in 2020.


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