Dustin Wray

Dustin Wray is a classic rock recording artist from Warren, OH. Music has always been a big part of his life growing up. Besides singing in church & playing trumpet in school, Dustin has also been the lead singer in various bands (The Trinity Band, Shadowlands, The Dustin Wray Band, & Shadows of the Fallen). He has released 5 albums of original material. He was struck with the songwriting bug while attending Cedarville University (class of '95) and has been writing ever since. One of his songs, (My Friend), caught the ear of Michael Roe of the 77’s who covered the song & released it on his 2016 album "Gothic".
Dustin is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army & was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003-04 as a Platoon Leader in a Transportation Unit running fuel missions into Iraq. He was quickly promoted to Captain, then became the Company Commander. Dustin finished his military career having served 3 company-level commands. Dustin’s goal for his music is to put out high-quality songs that speak of his life experiences while giving glory to God. He is currently working on 2 projects ("Don’t Ask Me" and "The Next Big Thing") which will be coming soon!

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