Tony Angelo

We want to introduce you to American singer/songwriter and producer, Tony Angelo. Tony and his wife hail from New Hope, PA. Tony is a fun-loving guy who takes his music seriously and with his inspired music ability works with people all around the world creating original melodies and songs. Much in the same vain as Quincy Jones, Tony is creator that you cannot put into one genre. He can work with any artist in any genre anywhere along the creating process to write, compose, record, produce, and help those who are seeking assistance creating the right song for them. Tony has written many songs, worked with different artists, and has released a few singles independently. Tony says that he cannot pick just one or two musical influences because he likes, or should I say loves, all music across the board- “a good song is a good song.” Tony wants to be known as a music influencer being involved more behind the creative side of the process rather than performing. Tony is always looking for new artists to be involved with, if you are interested in working with Tony either in a collaboration or are just needing production, please contact Raven Faith Records. What is next for Tony Angelo? Tony will be releasing different songs in different genres to showcase his talent in the creative process. Tony not only creates music, but also is an aspiring author & director. Tony is also involved in a side project, Moreland. Moreland is a Indie rock/alternative group.

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